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Mankato Valley Cat + Crawl!

Join the Mankato Bike Polo Club for a day of bicycle events and entertainment! If you are more relaxed, participate in the Pub Crawl. If you are more intense, try the Alley Cat. These events will take you throughout Mankato to various establishments where specials and activities will be planned. Afterwards, listen to live music […]

Battle Casualties

Holy crap. What an experience. That was our first “major” tournament and we did our best to raise the bar on all accounts. Here is a link to the video of the finals COMO v MKE Final from Mr.Do on Vimeo. Maybe we’ll host a tournament again in 2016. Thanks for coming everyone!

Battle for the Midwest 2

Well, here it is people! Less than one month away. Find it on facebook

And now onto the Open!

What a tournament! Thanks Mankato and Minneapolis for making it such a great day. Here are the podium results: A special shoutout to Superior Threadworks who provided a bunch of swag for prizes. Also Pat Kelly for making the beautiful trophies. Here is a photo of all you jerks! Some local news coverage here: […]

The Manley Cup AKA Minnesota State Championships

Here is a link to the facebook event. This tournament is going to happen September 15th/16th, weather permitting. We only have one court, and this is for Mankato and Minneapolis to play together prior to the Midwest Open on October 14th/15th, and the Midwest Club Championship on November 3rd/4th. This is mostly for fun, and […]

League, Pickup & Tournaments

I haven’t updated this in a while so here are a few things: 1. A reminder that Pickup happens every Thursday from 7pm to 10:30pm. Everyone is welcome, even if you don’t have the right equipment or anything. 2. League is in full-swing, on Sundays from 5pm to 7pm, with pickup before or after. This […]

Record turnout!

Whoa now, we had 18 players and 6 amateurs for a total of 24 players, plus at least 20 other spectators at the peak. Pretty good for a night of pickup! Caught Andy scoring on a break

Mallet Heads

This semester Pat M undertook a project to create some one-piece capped mallet heads. These are machined from rods of UHMW. For a first run, he did pretty damn well. Excellent work. This was just a fun project, these are not for sale (except locally!) We also tapped the ends of some new MKE shafts. […]

Links on the Sidebar

I’ve added links to some important resources. The rules and NAH site are listed, as well as the best bike polo community site on the internet. Right now I think its just me (Joe), Andy, and a mystery member. If you want to join, look for our club and request membership. Let me know if […]