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Dynamic Duos – Deux company, three’s a crowd

“Dynamic Duos – “Deux company…three’s a crowd…”  Everyone’s favorite 2 players per team 4v4 bike polo tournament has returned with a vengeance… Teams of 2, 4v4 games Start searching for that special someone to form your favorite dynamic duo, then get working on your costumes. For example: Bananas and Pajamas, Ketchup and Mustard, Batman and […]

2017 May Bike-Walk Calendar

Mankato has some exciting cycling and walking events planned for May Bike Walk Month! Visit our Facebook Page for information on all the events.   You can download the calendar here:  2017_may_calendar_2017.04.21

Mankato Valley Cat + Crawl!

Join the Mankato Bike Polo Club for a day of bicycle events and entertainment! If you are more relaxed, participate in the Pub Crawl. If you are more intense, try the Alley Cat. These events will take you throughout Mankato to various establishments where specials and activities will be planned. Afterwards, listen to live music […]

League, Pickup & Tournaments

I haven’t updated this in a while so here are a few things: 1. A reminder that Pickup happens every Thursday from 7pm to 10:30pm. Everyone is welcome, even if you don’t have the right equipment or anything. 2. League is in full-swing, on Sundays from 5pm to 7pm, with pickup before or after. This […]

Links on the Sidebar

I’ve added links to some important resources. The rules and NAH site are listed, as well as the best bike polo community site on the internet. Right now I think its just me (Joe), Andy, and a mystery member. If you want to join, look for our club and request membership. Let me know if […]

Subscribe to the mailing list!

Use the link over to the right to subscribe to our mailing list. This will serve a variety of uses but most importantly it’s a way for us to send out notifications of meeting times on days besides thursday, as well as off court happenings like organization meetings, alley cats, or whatever. This seemed like […]